1. Educational Advocacy: Work with parents to demystify school procedures and special education regulations. Help families to obtain the services and supports needed in order for their children to achieve their maximum potential.

Services provided by Dr. Quinn fall into several categories:

  1. Assessment: Develop evaluations to determine learning difficulties/disabilities, attention deficits, intellectual giftedness, or social emotional problems. Provide assessment of educational skills, cultural influences on behavior, and school system factors that may contribute to a child’s difficulties. Assessments provided include psychological and education testing.

  2. Prevention: Work with parents and students to develop strategies that complement their learning strengths and weaknesses, thereby preventing further academic failure or frustration. Counsel children in transition – both familial and environmental changes.

  3. Intervention: Develop educational strategies, collaborate with parents and school professionals to implement school based interventions; provide play therapy for children whose social emotional difficulties interfere with their daily lives and school progress. Meet with parents to provide guidance about parenting strategies that affect positive behavior changes.


(c) 2013, Mittie T. Quinn, Ph.D / Photo by Jim Quinn